Bowl4Life John Alan Glasgow Ambassador Program

John Alan was the very first junior bowler that we became involved with in the late 1980’s, when we owned the Franklin Bowling Center, in Franklin, VA.  He was an extremely talented bowler.  He was shy, quirky and had a crazy sharp humor.  John Alan bowled his very first 300 game at the age of 13.  His young life was taken in an automobile accident involving a drunk driver, at the tender age of 18.  Chuck had the honor of speaking at John’s Hall of Fame induction. We have always held the memory of John Alan close to our hearts.  We remain friends with his parents, Joan Pavlina and Alan Glasgow.

Once a month, Bowl4Life will select a junior bowler to be named to the program – they will also be awarded a scholarship. Bowl4Life will be diligently working with the selected Ambassadors to help with fundraising, growing our sponsorship base and getting more junior bowlers involved with Bowl4Life.


2024 Selected Ambassadors