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Do you know a youth bowler worthy of being the next Bowl4Life Athlete of the Month?  Share their story with us today !!!  We want to recognize youth bowlers that are doing their part to #growbowling !!!  Every youth bowler selected with receive a Bowl4Life bag tag AND an Eileen’s Bowling Buddy training tool.   

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Bowl4Life is pleased to announce the April Athlete of the Month.

Congraulations to Evan Johns! 

Evan is 16 and currently bowls a Jax Lanes in Jacksonville Florida his Coaches are Al Henderson, David Northup, and Michelle Speight. His current GPA is a 3.2 and attends Sandalwood High School.

Evan Johns started bowling in the youth program in September of 2015 at the age of 13. He had bowled a few times over the years, but never really showed any interest until 2015. Two months after joining the league he was diagnosed and placed in the hospital with T1D. He spent several days in a medically induced coma so the doctors could regulate his blood sugars. The first thing he asked about after learning of his new life. Was will I get out of the hospital in time to bowl league on Saturday? We checked out of the hospital on Saturday at 8 am and he was bowling at 10am. That season he had won the highest average in his age division of 131. He also placed in several local tournaments that he participated in. The last few years have been a blur of tournaments and accomplishments. He made Junior Gold in 2017, 2018 and has also qualified for 2019. He is a level 1 coach and looks forward to helping other bowlers with their game. He has an attitude that is admired by his teammates and his Coaches. He has been taken under the wing of a Pro shop in our community who is teaching him how to drill a bowling ball. (I don't know the technical terms for everything he is learning.) His 300 game still eludes him, but I feel that he will get it soon enough. His highest game shot is a 279. His current league average is 198 along way from where he started a few years ago. He is now 16 and I'm still amazed at the young man he is becoming. You can ask anyone that Evan bowls with that he is respected by his peers, a leader, and fun to bowl with. He is determined to bowl to the best of his abilities but can handle if he just doesn't bowl the way he should have. He learns from his mistakes and puts in a lot of time on the lanes practicing or getting help from one of his Coaches. Evan hasn't let his diabetes define him. He has used it to spread awareness of the disease. He actively raises money for the local JDRF in Jacksonville. Participates in their annual walk. As a mother with a child that has T1D, you can only hope that he is accepted by his peers and not looked down on because he isn't like everyone else. With Evan, you just know he is going to turn a negative into a positive. Keep a great attitude and strive for anything even if everyone says that it's not within reach. I'm an extremely proud Mother and look forward to seeing where the road will take him. 

What is your proudest moment so far in your bowling career? 
My 279 game. Along with my 727 series. 

Who is your favorite PBA or WPBA bowler of all time? Why do you look up to and/or admire this person? 
EJ Tackett. I love watching him bowl. He has such a beautiful release and a great attitude on the lanes. He is respected on and off the lanes by his fellow bowlers. 

What advice do you have for young athletes getting started in bowling? 
Go out and have fun. Listen to your Coaches. Be respectful to your fellow bowlers and yourself. Have pride in what you do and learn to take criticism.


Bowl4Life is pleased to announce the March Athlete of the Month.

Congratulations to Sebastian Huffman.
Current Age- 11
Current Location – Las Vegas, NV
Current School GPA - 3.9
Current Coach – David Haynes
Home Center – Suncoast Lanes
Sebastian Huffman started bowling at a young age. He joined his first youth league in the 2014/2015 year at 8 years old. Originally from Morgantown, West Virginia, he experienced great success at league through practicing almost every day, watching helpful videos on YouTube, through league coaches and pro shop owner Larry Lichstein. Sebastian was able to win many events and attend his first Junior Gold before leaving West Virginia and moving to Las Vegas, NV. Sebastian and his father drove across the United States when moving and every time they stopped for the night, he bowled at a different center. Now a permanent resident of Las Vegas, Sebastian attends St Elizabeth Ann Seton Catholic School. He is in 6th grade and 11 years old. Opportunities abound in Las Vegas for coaching and practicing. He practices on different oil patterns up to 6 times a week including league but can also practice on house shots if so desired. His league is at Suncoast but he practices and participates in tournaments at many centers throughout the valley. His sport shot average is 188 and his house average is 210. His coaches continually work with him and they are from David Haynes Bowling Supply here in Vegas. David Haynes himself is one of his coaches. Through his coaches, friends and pro shop he will be continuing to practice to improve his abilities. He also maintains a Facebook Athlete Page and YouTube channel to help get people excited about bowling.
What is the proudest moment so far in your bowling career? The proudest moment in my bowling career are with my two unsanctioned 300’s. The reason why I am proud of them is that I worked hard practicing. I never dreamed that I would have two already. My first was at 9 years old. These give me confidence that I can make perfect games and that one day soon I will have a sanctioned 300!
Who is your favorite PBA Bowler? Why? My favorite PBA bowler is Parker Bohn. He was part of the first bowling camp I ever attended in Maine. He is very skilled in the game and he passes that knowledge and experience to youth like me. His example on the lanes and off is something I work to achieve. He has been there to help me many times.
What advice do you have for young athletes getting started in bowling? My advice for young bowlers is that you must never give up, always practice, and make every pin count. Mainly, to have fun with the game and have patience with yourself.
Way to go Sebastian!

Congratulations to the February Youth Athlete of the Month for the 2019 season.

February's selected nominee is Morgan Brunner.

Morgan is only 13 years old but she is already making her name in the bowling world. She competes in Michigan Junior Masters, JTBA of Ohio and EYT events. Morgan has won the state Pepsi tournament, Michigan State Tournament and a JTBA title. She has competed at the National Junior Gold event for the last 5 years as well as the USA Team even and the Youth Open in which she took home a 2nd place in doubles with her partner this year.

Not only does Morgan speak volumes with her performance, but she is also a great sport and strives to always have fun and make new friends. She also maintains all A's and B's in school and is looking forward to starting her high school bowling career next year. 
When Morgan isn't on the lanes you can find her in her dad's pro shop helping clean equipment and watching her favorite bowlers online. She has a true love for the sport and it is a pleasure for us to watch her help encourage others.

We asked Morgan some of our favorite questions and here is what she had to say:

What is your proudest moment so far in your bowling career? 
Winning my first JTBA Title

Who is your favorite PBA or WPBA bowler of all time? Why do you look up to and/or admire this person? Danielle McEwan because she is a leader on the lanes and always has fun.

What advice do you have for young athletes getting started in bowling? 
Practice, make your spares and have fun!!


Congratulations to the first Youth Athlete of the Month for the 2019 season.

January's selected nominee is Tyler Harlow.

Tyler Harlow is from Grand Forks, ND. Tyler started bowling in youth leagues his sophomore year in high school. Tyler has been apart of a few different ND state/regional championship teams, along with singles and doubles competitions at different levels. He has competed in numerous USBA flight tournaments in the last 3 years, where he qualified for Junior Gold. Tyler participated at Junior Gold in Cleveland, OH in 2017. Tyler dislocated his middle finger on the first day of competition, but persevered through and completed all four days. Tyler competed on the Grand Forks High School Bowling team for two years.

Tyler is a Bronze level USBC certified coach and likes to help out the local youth as much as possible during league and open play. Tyler is now bowling for Waldorf University in Forest City, IA.

Tyler answered a few Bowl4Life questions to help us get to know him:
What is your proudest moment so far in your bowling career? 
Our team taking second in my first college tournament

Who is your favorite PBA or WPBA bowler of all time? Why do you look up to and/or admire this person? 
Jason Sterner is my favorite. His work ethic on and off the lanes inspires me

What advice do you have for young athletes getting started in bowling? 
Don't practice until you get it right, practice until you can't get it wrong

Congratulations to Brandon Haney for being selected as the December Bowl4Life Athlete of the Month - presented by Eileen's Bowling Buddies.
Go ahead and check it off the bucket list!

Age - 15
Hunter Huss High School: GPA 3.8
Coach(s) Chuck Gardner II and Matthew Wilborn
Home Center - George Pappas Liberty Lanes
1 300 game
6 time 12Bagger YBT Champion
2018 Bowl4Life Tournament Winner
2018 NC Pepsi State Champion
A/B Honor Roll
My proudest moment so far was shooting my first sanctioned 300 back in April of 2017.
My favorite bowler is Jason Sterner. I look up to him because of how hard he works on and off the lanes. He has such a positive mindset and represents the Grind in the sport of bowling very well!!
My advice to younger athletes in the sport would be to always have fun, practice, and always work on the fundamentals of your game.
Way to go Brandon!



Annalise OBryant

Current Age: 14
Current Location: Ball Ground, GA
Current School/GPA: Homeschooled
Current Coach/Home Center: Doug OBryant/Cherokee Lanes

She has been bowling since she was 3 years old. She started bowling for fun, tagging along with her father who has a Pro Shop and is a current PBA50 member, then she began bowling league at the age of 6. At 10 years of age in 2014 her passion for the game came out. She entered her first tournament, the Georgia Games, and won her division. Since then, her love for the sport and wanting to be the best has made her dream a reality. She has many accomplishments at her young age. First and foremost winning the 2018 Junior Gold National Championship! No doubt the pinnacle for any youth bowler. This accomplishment also put her on the 2019 developmental Junior Team USA. Annalise also won 2 gold and 5 silver medals at the Tournament of the Americas in August 2018. She has won 3 straight Georgia Pepsi State Championships, multiple Ga youth bowlers tour victories including 2 end of year Tournament of Champions wins. Her resume also includes multiple other local tournament wins. Annalise is homeschooled which makes it easy for her to travel with her Dad on tour. She has been fortunate to know the best bowlers in the world. Annalise has started the ninth grade. Her favorite subjects are math, science and history. She is keeping her options open as far as college is concerned but intends to bowl in college.

When Annalise is not bowling, she enjoys playing the drums. She started playing the drums at 11 years old and has progressed to be pretty good. Golf is another hobby that she enjoys when there is time. She loves playing with her two dogs; Lexi & Boomer.

What is your proudest moment so far in your bowling career? Winning the 2018 Junior Gold National Championship U15G

Who is your favorite PBA or WPBA bowler of all time? Why do you look up to and/or admire this person? My Dad, Doug OBryant. Also Walter Ray Williams Jr, Parker Bohn, Danielle McEwan, Liz Kuhlkin. My Dad has always involved me in all his activities. Walter Ray and Parker have been mentors to me.

What advice do you have for young athletes getting started in bowling? Learn the basic fundamentals and MAKE YOUR SPARES!

Current Age - 18
Current Location - Prior Lake, MN
Current School/GPA - 4.08
Current Coach/Home Center - Scott Pohl
Gunther has excelled at both academics and bowling. He recently was nominated and awarded the MN USBC Youth Recognition Award last week because of his passion for the sport, his willingness to help others in the sport, his success and volunteering spirit. He played 5 years on his high school Varsity team, serving as Captain the last two. He was chosen as MOP (Most Outstanding Player), All Conference First Team twice, All Honors, Crusader of the Year (leadership award), and Rookie of the Year. Gunther has volunteered as a youth coach for his prior middle school, coaching over 50 kids in the last two years combined. Besides bowling, he maintained a 4.0+ GPA while taking Advanced Placement track courses in high school, and also participating in concert and pep band, Jazz band, Brass quartet, served as a homeroom leader, an international mentor to kids from Asian countries, served on the National Honor Society, and participated on the clay target team for four years. What really makes him stand out is his volunteering with children that have special needs. He has changed many lives by the care and friendship he has given them through the "New Friends Group" and the Tim Tebow Fdtn "Night to Shine" events. His goal in life is to help others, and he will be pursuing a Medical career by studying at the Univ. of Nebraska this fall, while bowling for their team.
1. The proudest moment in my bowling career is when I had the privilege of competing for my high school ALL Conf. Team in the State All Conf. Tournament. It was truly an honor to be competing on the same team as the other best bowlers and competing against all the other conferences' best. Our All Conf. Team was able to advance through qualifying and match play brackets to win the State Championship
2. My favorite bowler is Shannon O'Keefe. I admire her so much because of her will and attitude towards the sport. She will do whatever it takes to put herself in the position to win. She is constantly improving the many aspects of her game. Her faith and determination are who I want to be.
3. My advice to younger bowlers would be to always put your bowling shoes back on even when you feel like just giving up. The only way to improve and succeed is to continue to put yourself out there and compete.
Congratulations again to Gunther Grinde! Be on the lookout for your special tools from Eileens Bowling Buddies for being selected to represent Bowl4Life for the month of September.





Current Age: 15 
Current Location: Maple Grove, MN
Current School/GPA: 3.87
Current Coach/Home Center: New Hope Bowl
Coach: Sam Lantto/ Ball Representative: Matt McNiel 


Hana Roers was born in August of 2002 and has lived in Maple Grove, MN all her life. She will be a sophomore this fall at Maple Grove Highschool. Hana has one older brother Max, an older step-sister, Ashley who lives in Canada, a dog, Piper, a cat Claire and some fish. Since both sets of Hana's grandparents, her mom, her dad, and brother all bowled, it was in Hana's DNA to bowl. Hana started bowling at the age of 5. Throughout her youth she also tried many other activities such as soccer, softball, gymnastics, and a very small stint as a viola musician. After returning from her first Junior Gold Competition at the age of 11 in Buffalo New York, Hana decided to concentrate and focus her efforts on her bowling. Hana competes regularly throughout the State of Minnesota in several tournaments including Minnesota Junior Bowlers Tour, USBA Flight Series, Minneapolis and St Paul Youth tournaments. Now that Hana has completed competition in her 5th Junior Gold she is starting to look towards College. She has begun looking into the educational and bowling programs for her future development. Aside from bowling ,Hana enjoys spending time at her Cabin and on the Lake up in Alexandria, MN, fishing, jet skiing, and paddle boarding. Her favorite sports team is the Minnesota Wild.

What is your proudest moment so far in your bowling career?
Some of Hana's proudest moments include becoming the youngest girl from MN to shoot a 300 game at age 14, making her way through the losers bracket in 2018 Junior Gold competition to take 4th place overall in the U15G division, and winning the 2015 Minnesota State Bowling Championship for Maple Grove High School, competing on the team with her brother Max. 

Who is your favorite PBA or WPBA bowler of all time? Why do you look up to and/or admire this person?
Hana's Favorite WPBA Bowler is Shannon O'Keefe. Hana admires Shannon for her determination and work ethic.

What advice do you have for young athletes getting started in bowling?
Hana's advice to young bowlers would be to have fun, keep the game simple, and concentrate on your game and don't worry about others. Hana also says don't worry about being great right away, it will take work, time, and patience.





Bowl4Life is honored to announce our May Athlete of the Month, Kristin Womeldorf. She was chosen because of the outstanding leadership she has demonstrated in school, community activities, and her unwavering dedication to the sport of Bowling.
Current Age: 16
Current Location: Apollo, Pennsylvania
Current School and GPA: Apollo-Ridge High School, 4.15 on a 4.0 scale
Current Bowling Center/Coach: Wildlife Lanes and Nesbit Lanes, her coaches are George Galo Jr. and Michelle Cominos
Athlete Biography: Kristin was born and raised in Apollo, Pennsylvania, about 30 miles east of Pittsburgh. She has one older sister, Kaily, and two dogs Liddell and Karson. She is currently an extremely busy sophomore in high school. She’s in many clubs such as SADD Club (students against destructive decisions), LEO Club (a community service organization), Drama Club, Entrepreneurship Club, and Spanish Club. She has also been a member of the high school marching band since seventh grade and has participated in numerous honors bands. She has also participated in pep-band and jazz band. She is a two year veteran of the varsity track and field team, including a varsity letter, and enjoys weightlifting when she is not on the lanes or on the field. She also helps on stage crew and set design for the schools fall play and spring musical. She was one of 400 students at the APPLES Foreign Language Festival and finished third in the Spanish Category. She has always been on high honor roll and is a Presidential Academic Excellence Award recipient and a 2 time Apollo-Ridge High School Academic Excellence Award recipient. She demonstrates strong leadership characteristics. She is the band’s Vice President, bass clarinet section leader, as well as her schools School Store manager. Along with coaching youth bowlers at her local centers. She continuously volunteers within the community. She has helped out at several Thanksgiving and Christmas dinners, the “Viking Closet”-a room in her schools guidance office where underprivileged kids can get new clothes and shoes as well as hygiene items like shampoo and deodorant, and often volunteers at local tournaments as a score keeper and lane monitor when she is not bowling. She also helps with the annual Learning Festival and her school district’s middle school Science Olympiad. On top of all of that, she frequently tutors kids at her school during homeroom and her study hall. She also supports her sister by raising money and awareness for Juvenile Type 1 Diabetes. She is also actively working towards creating a high school bowling team at her school. Kristin has a passion for traveling and would love to go to China and Switzerland one day. She has been fortunate enough to travel to several states for bowling and seeing new places always ignites a spark in her to go somewhere else. She also enjoys art, history, business, and biology. Kristin would like a career as a business woman, teacher, engineer, or of course a professional bowler one day. She hopes and works towards her goal of bowling collegiately and making team USA.
•2 time Pepsi District Champion (2014, 2016)
•Team State Open Champion (2017)
•Dan Glus Memorial Tournament Champion (2016)
•WPSP Awards Tournament Champion (2017)
•Nesbit Lanes Youth Head-to-Head Champion (2016)
•Nesbit Lanes Adult/Child Champion (2017)
•DV8 Pittsburgh Youth Shootout Champion (2015)
•Greater Pittsburgh USBC Youth Travel League Team Championships Champion (2018)
•Bowl with Butler’s Best Prep Division Girls Champion (2016)
•Greater Pittsburgh USBC Travel League Section 3 Team Runner-Up (2018)
•Greater Pittsburgh USBC Youth Travel League Championships Individual Girls High Series 2nd Place (2018)
•Pennsylvania Gold Pin Winter Classic Runner-Up (2017)
•Pepsi District Runner-Up (2017)
•State Open Team Fourth Place (2016)
•Nesbit Lanes Youth Head-to-Head Third Place (2017)
•Level 1 Coaching Certification
•”Big 3” Award winner (high game, high series, high average) in three leagues (2018)
Bowl4Life welcomes Kristin to the family, please join us in congratulating her on all her accomplishments thus far. We look forward to following her journey.




Congratulations to the 2018 April Athlete of the Month - Garrett Jolly.

Garrett Jolly, is a Junior at Potosi High School in Potosi MO. Garrett has been bowling since he was 6 years old. He has grown so much as a bowler. When he started out he used to get so excited over knocking pins down, now he has the heart and drive to achieve his best ball in each frame. He practices at least 4 nights a week, bowls as many tournaments as he possibly can while maintaining a 3.35 GPA and is a section leader in the Marching band. He is always his team mates biggest supporter even when they are competing against each other at tournaments. He truly wants all of his bowling friends to be the best bowlers they can. Garrett's home bowling alley is a small town 10 lane house with wood lanes where he carries a 208 average. He has been top individual points winner for his travel league for the past 4 years and his team has won ST Louis USBC Association tournament along with being a member of the 4th place High School team in the State of Missouri. He is attending his first Junior Gold Championship tournament this July in Dallas, TX. His future plans are to attend college where he will bowl for the College team and majoring in Computer Engineering.

What is your proudest moment so far in your bowling career?

Winning 4th place at Missouri High School Championship tournament, Qualifing for Jr Gold Championship tournament.

Who is your favorite PBA or WPBA bowler of all time? Why do you look up to and/or admire this person?

Jason Belmonte, because he brought a different view to the bowling industry and dominated with it.

What advice do you have for young athletes getting started in bowling?

Practice!! The more you practice and learn the sport the more you will love it and the better bowler you will become. There is always room for improvement and growth.

Congratulations to Garrett Jolly, we look forward to meeting you this year at Junior Gold!



BOWL4LIFE is honored to recognize our March bowler of the month, Kayla Mitchell. Be sure to read below to find out just how amazing this young lady is. We can't wait to see all she is able to accomplish throughout her bowling career.


Kayla Mitchell, was born in Colorado Springs, Colorado in 2004 & is 13 years old. She resides in Waldenbuch, Germany with both her Parents that are United States Air Force Retired Veterans. Kayla has Twin Sisters that are Age 11 & their also youth bowlers, a pet cat, & pet dog. Kayla is currently in 7th Grade & attends a U.S. Department of Defense European School Alexander M. Patch Middle School, Home of the Wolves located at Patch Barracks. Kayla Mitchell’s favorite subjects in school consists of Science, English Language Arts, & Physical Education. Kayla has a Cumulative 3.7 GPA & made the A/B Honor Roll, February 2, 2018.

Kayla, got her start in bowling at a very young age propped up on her Mother’s knee as an infant participating in Colorado Springs Big Brothers Big Sisters Bowl for Kids’ Sake & bowling at youth birthday parties before Age 2. At Age 2, Kayla & her Family moved to Stuttgart, Germany due to her Mother receiving Official Military Orders to move Overseas, but didn’t join her 1st Youth Bowling League until Age 5 at Galaxy Bowling & Entertainment Center in Böblingen, Germany were she still bowls at today. Böblingen is a town that’s located in Baden-Württemberg, Germany.

A few of Kayla’s Favorite Sports Teams, Players, & Extracurricular Activities are as followed: PBA Bowling, New England Patriots (Football), Boston Red Sox (Baseball), Boston Celtics (Basketball), Paris Saint – Germain & Player Julian Draxler, DFB-Team “Die Mannschft” (Soccer), & states that Jason Belmonte, is her Favorite Bowler of all time & admires the fact that he bowls his own way being a two-handed bowler. Kayla bowls in the Stuttgart Youth Bowling League, plays for 3 different Soccer Teams: U15 Girls Stuttgart Select Soccer Team, MTV Stuttgart a German League Team, & Panzer Junior Girls Soccer Team, that Won the Fall Soccer 2017 Championship with 7 Wins, 1 Loss, & 0 Tie.

Kayla also fills her time with USA Girl Scouts Overseas. This year is her 8th Year of Scouting where she is preparing to complete her Silver Award as a Cadette Girl Scout. Kayla says that she has enjoyed living & traveling throughout Europe, but enjoys visiting the United States any & every chance that she gets to & looks forward to eventually moving back Stateside in the near future. Last year she was the 1st Stuttgart Youth to ever Win the European Pepsi Championships & Qualified for Junior Gold 2017 & went to Cleveland, Ohio with her whole Family to compete. Kayla says that her Family is truly her biggest supporters & cheerleaders. They encourage her & help to keep her focused & motivated in pursuing all of her future endeavors, passions, & dreams. Another passion of hers is Snowboarding, Singing & Dancing & last November, participated for the 1st time in The Young Americans. She trained for 3 days with Singing & Dance Trainers from 8 different Countries. She was put to the test when she had to learn her 1st dance in 7 minutes, that concluded with a Final Production that was Performed Live for the Stuttgart Community. During bowling, Kayla loves to wear one of two of her favorite Junior Gold Bowling Jerseys. Junior Gold for her was a life changing grand experience that she would love to experience again someday with aspiration of making Junior Team USA. Kayla has also set a personal goal of achieving a Clean Game. She has already achieved Turkey’s numerous times with 3 Strikes in a Row, with another on January 20th & just recently had 5 Strikes in a Row with the 6th not being a Strike, but knocked down 9 of the 10 Pins. So now she has her eyes focused on 6 to 7 Strikes in a Row to move on up to 10. Bowling for Kayla allows her to concentrate & to be in her own bowling zone. As for advice that Kayla has for young athletes getting started in bowling is for the bowler to practice, practice, practice, set goals, have lane courtesy, & to always have great sportsmanship.

On January 28, 2018 Kayla competed for the 1st time in the U15 Youth RBA Eifel Cup Tournament & was 1 of only 3 Girls that bowled with U15 Boys. This was also her 1st time bowling with the Boys on this level & finished in 4th Place out of 17 Total Bowlers in the U15 Division & was Awarded a SMART Scholarship.

Game 1 – 203
Game 2 – 142
Game 3 – 146
Total SCR Set 1 – 521

Game 4- 164
Game 5- 146
Game 6 – 144
Total SCR Set 2 – 484

Total 1005

Kayla says her biggest achievement to date was being notified on January 9, 2018 that she had been Awarded the U12 Female Division David Dahms Sportsmanship Award & a $250.00 Scholarship for Bowling in the USBC Junior Gold Championships 2017.

Other Noteworthy Achievements for Kayla Mitchell:

February 21, 2015 – European Zone Regional Pepsi Youth Championships 2nd Place Regionals U10 Girls Division

February 27, 2016 – European Zone Regional Pepsi Youth Championships 2nd Place Regionals U12 Girls Division 2016

February 25, 2017 – European Zone Regional Pepsi Youth Championships 1st Place Regionals U12 Girls Division 2017

February 25, 2017 – European Zone Regional Pepsi Youth Championships High Game U12 Girls Division

March 26, 2017 - European Zone Pepsi Finals Bowling Championships 1st Place Finals U12 at Spangdahelm Air Base, Germany & Qualified for the U.S. Bowling Congress USBC), Junior Gold Championships.

March 26, 2017 – European Zone Pepsi Finals Bowling Championships High Scratch Game U12 Girls Division

July 17th – July 22nd 2017 - First National Championships U.S. Bowling Congress (USBC), Junior Gold Finished 79th out of 124 U12 Girls.




Congratulations to the February Bowl4Life Athlete of the Month, Lara Kurt!
Read below to find out about the rising bowler full of outstanding character.

My name is Lara Kurt, I was born in Pittsburgh, PA and I am a big fan of Steelers. I am 14 years old and I live with my mom, dad, brother, grandma and 2 very cuddly dogs (Buttons and Shadow). I have an awesome family who supports me for everything and I would not be who I am today without their guidance and love. I am a National level bowler, I am a swimmer and I play volleyball as “Libero” at North Brunswick High School. I represent North Carolina in Tri-State Bowling Tournament for 4 years and currently I am the Team Captain of U15 Girls. I love competing individually and as a team, bowling makes my life a happy life as I met my best friends through bowling. I enjoy competing and practicing with my brother Kaan Kurt who is always helps me and supports me during the tournaments.

I volunteer at Good Shepherd and Food Bank, to give back to my community and every year I participate in different events including “Bowling for Backpack” fundraising event for Good Shepherd to raise awareness and to help homeless. As I am a member of National Honor Society, which recognizes the students who have demonstrated excellence in the areas of scholarship, service, leadership, and character, part of my volunteer hours is reported to National Honor Society which help to show my active involvement in community services.
I am very hardworking at the lanes and outside the lanes. I am an “A Honor Roll” student since 1st grade. I am currently a 9th grader. I also love helping my peers out, I received the “Good Neighbor/Citizen Award” when I was in Middle School which one of my teacher nominated me by stating that “Lara’s first thought is always of others. She goes out of her way to be kind and intentionally considerate of others, she has an excellent work ethic, when given the chance, Lara will always choose to do the right thing – every time”.

I love Math, Science and Art. My goal is to major in Computer Science with minor in Art. I was given the opportunity to design “Shafanie” jersey for Coach Shannon O’Keefe and Stephanie Johnson and they wear it to tournaments, I have my own one which I wear proudly to bowling tournaments.

Bowling takes me to different places to meet great people. I worked with Coach Rick at Kegel, my current Coach is Randy Pedersen. I was the Pepsi Sectional Champion when I was 8 years old (2011). In 2015, I finished 5th place at Jr. Gold Tournament and last year I finished 23rd out 327 Under15 Girls. I have lots of medals/plagues/trophies from Tough Shots, 12Bagger, Bowling Leagues and BPAC/GA Rising Star Tournaments. I won lots of scholarship with bowling which will help me to go to college. I was the “Bowler of the Year” for NC All Star Team in 2016-2017.

My goal is to go to college with Academic and Bowling Scholarships and one day I will have my own charity which will help kids with cancer.

My life is busy with bowling, volleyball, school, but we always spend time as a family and we are always on the road for a bowling tournament which is always fun with my Family.

What is your proudest moment so far in your bowling career?
My proudest moment so far in my bowling career is receiving the North Carolina Interstate Bowling All Stars "Bowler of the Year" award for 2016-2017 season.

Who is your favorite PBA or WPBA bowler of all time? Why do you look up to and/or admire this person? 
My favorite WPBA bowler of all time is Shannon O'Keefe. I look up to her as I love her determination and her passion for bowling. I watch her on TV and she never gives up. I bowled with her at Team USA Trials and she supported and helped me through the Trials. She came to watch me at Jr. Gold Tournaments. She is a great Mentor, Coach, and an amazing person.

What advice do you have for young athletes getting started in bowling? 
There is always room for improvement, so practice is important as it helps you to get better. Make sure you participate in tournaments to learn how to compete and gain experience in a different environment. Make sure you have a goal for every practice and for every tournament in order to become a successful bowler.



Bowl4Life is pleased to welcome the January 2018 Athlete of the Month, Paytin Lee.

Current age: 16
Current location: Pearl River, LA
Current school and GPA: Pearl River High School 4.17 GPA
Coach/Home Center: Buddy Kelch/Bowling USA Slidell Louisiana

Paytin is 16 years old and currently a Junior at Pearl River High School in Pearl River Louisiana. Paytin has maintained 4.0 honor roll every year in high school, and currently holds a 4.17 GPA. Paytin takes Dual Enrollment college courses , Advanced Placement(AP), and Honors courses, on top of bowling on the schools bowling team, being Captain of the schools Flag team, Managing the PRHS Boy’s Soccer team, and participating in the youth bowling league and travel team with the local Northshore Youth League. Paytin is also a member of the BETA club, Facta-non-verba, Thespian Troupe, Yearbook, National Honor Society, PSAT, and Rebel HD clubs.

In the 2017 High school season Paytin made it to the second round of Bi-regionals as a single bowler. Paytin was also recently awarded the first ever New Orleans Saints/Enterprise Rental Car Scholar Athlete award, presented to her on the field before the Saints/Patriots game Sunday, September 17th 2017.

What is your proudest moment so far in your bowling career?

Receiving the first ever New Orleans Saints/Enterprise rental car scholar athlete award at the Saints v Patriots game.

Who is your favorite PBA or WPBA bowler of all time? Why do you look up to and/or admire this person?

I would say Liz Johnson because she is an amazing bowler and a great role model for young bowlers.

What advice do you have for young athletes getting started in bowling?

Do not focus on the past. Live your life one frame at a time, always trying to improve and never loosing focus.

Great advice from Paytin. We are honored to have you as a new member of the Bowl4Life family.



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