Bowl4Life Athletes of the Month

presented by Eileen’s Bowling Buddy


Bowl4Life is proud to announce the first 2020 Athlete of the Month.

Congratulations to Harrison Martin. His nomination gave us a view of who Harrison is. Continue reading to find out all about him.

There are so many layers to him that make him such an outstanding youth athlete who is thriving in Bowling.

Harrison will be 16 in October. Harrison has attended Carmel Christian School in Charlotte NC since 1st grade and maintains an A/B average. His home center center is AMF Carolina Lanes in Matthews, NC.

When I think about what a true “outstanding athlete” is to me, I think of a person who is well versed. Someone who sets an example of commitment and drive to many things in his life that are important. This describes Harrison perfectly.

Harrison is an honest trustworthy son. He is a person of his word. Harrison is a very caring, sensitive person. Harrison is a Godly young man who makes it one of his life’s passions to study the Word. He has been involved in multiple mission trips and will go to Puerto Rico in January, 2020 to help children. He attends Christian camp every summer. When you visit his social media page his favorite scripture is proudly displayed, Nehemiah 8:10.

Harrison has been bowling for 4 years. All of his childhood he was involved and excelled at football, basketball, and baseball. At the age of 12, he started watching “youtube” videos on bowling. I noticed he was watching them constantly, studying the sport, actually learning the oil patterns. It wasn’t long before he came to me and told me he was going to be a bowler. He stopped participating in the other activities and focused all of his efforts on his bowling. He was hooked! Since then we have been practicing, participating in league, or at a tournament weekly and I love watching him love something so much.

Harrison attended the Shocker Bowling camp his summer at Wichita State University and it was one of the best bowling learning experiences for him. He regularly participates in The Tough Shots bowling tournament program and the 12-Bagger Tournaments. In the past 4 years, he has only not made match-play 1 time in both programs and finished in the top 3 almost every time. In 2019, he participated on the All-Star Bowling Team and was named Player of the Year. He has been part of the team that finished 1st at Battle of the Beach and the next year placing 2nd at that tournament. Harrison has 1 sanctioned 300 and 3 unsanctioned and countless close calls.

Watching him love the sport, watching him and feeling the passion he has for the game and the drive to be better. It is contagious and you can feel it. Harrison’s goal is to bowl in college and I have no doubt he will obtain this goal. Harrison is truly an outstanding youth Athlete in bowling and an outstanding young man. I am proud of the well rounded young man he is and I am extremely proud of his talent in bowling.

Congratulations Harrison and keep up the great work!