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Bowl4Life is proud to announce the Eileen's Bowling Buddy and Bowl4Life December Athlete of the Month.

Congratulations to Thomas Babinchak!!

Thomas has been working hard on his game since the age of 2.
He has won 5 WV State Titles in the past two years. He was selected in January 2019 as "The Generation Next" bowler by the Bowlers Journal International. He was selected and participated in the Bowling Combine 2019 at ITRC August 8-10, 2019. He was selected and Awarded the WV State USBC U17 Scholarship August 11, 2019.
He has a GPA of 3.75, average of 203, and a high game of 300 and series 749. He will be a Junior at Weir High School Weirton WV. He plans to attend a University and be on its bowling team. He wants to major in business administration and own his own construction business.


Bowl4life Eileens Bowling Buddies Athlete of the Month - November

Congratulations to Malaya Chavez of Plainfield Illinois

Malaya is a graduate of Troy Middle School, and this year won the IESA state tournament title for individuals. In the process of winning she set a new state record for 4 game qualifying with a series of 897, and then continued to out pace the field to set a 10 game record of 2200. Malaya was also was named JAYUSBC (Joliet Area Youth USBC) Prep Princess, which is achieved through points gained but having High Association Average, High Game, and High Series for the age group. Malaya has an outstanding attitude on and off the lanes. She is always cheering for team mates and competitors alike. She took on leadership roles with her teams, provides support, compassion and encouragement to those she competes with.

Malaya volunteers her time to St Joe's park and with Feed My Starving Children, which provides prepackaged meals to children around the world. Malaya also volunteers her time to help at area tournaments where she can be in a center and watching and learning those around her.

Malaya joined her sister at Joliet West High School in the fall and will be a key for the program's continued success.

Congratulations Malaya! Continue the great work on and off the lanes.

Bowl4Life is proud to announce the Eileen's Bowling Buddy and Bowl4Life October Athlete of the Month.
Congratulations to Michaela Clardy!!

Michaela is a 15-year-old sophomore at Connections Academy. She started bowling at the age of 9. She comes from a bowling family. She won her first tournament at the age of 11, Tough Shots Tour-Durham. She was hooked. She wanted to learn all there was about this sport. She began practicing and bowling every tournament she could. She attended camps with coaches like Katie Thornton, Ron Clifton, Kyle Troup, Wes Malott, Rhino Page, and the list goes on. She attended her first Jr Gold championship at 12 years old and hasn't missed one since. She has a high game of 300 and high set of 690. She's averaging 196 in league. Michaela has a natural talent and personality that is infectious. Her smooth ball release brings people to watch and try to hear the ball touch the ground. Most are amazed to find out she only 15. She works hard to achieve goals and make her way to college bowling. Always looking for a way to get better and learn more. Michaela loves this sport and is an advocate for youth bowling. She is a member of the Grand Strand Youth Board. Michaela has a U12 title with Tough Shots, 2-U15 and 1-U20 Youth Bowling Tour titles. She has won smart money in Storm Youth Challenge tournaments and several local tournaments. 2018 she was high game, high series, high average, and bowler of the year for Grandstrand. She is a member of the Many Styles of Bowling Elite Youth Club and has been a member of SC and NC tri-state allstars

Bowl4Life is proud to announce the Eileen's Bowling Buddy and Bowl4Life September Athlete of the Month.
Congratulations to Amber Thomason!!

Current Age: 16
Location: Jacksonville, FL
Read below to find out more about this special young lady and what bowling means to her:
She was born with tetralogy of Fallot, which is a rare congenital heart defect. Currently, she has had four open-heart surgeries and more to come. All her life she felt different, from school to sports. She was held back on certain sports due to her heart condition.
In 2016, she was introduced to bowling and her whole life changed. Bowling would light up her eyes and you could say she felt complete. She was making friends, was able to join a sport that she never thought she would be able to do. Prior to bowling, she tried karate, but you could tell she wasn’t feeling right about that. It was more intense and was never really able to grasp the concept of it.
She joined the Jax Jammers family in Jacksonville, Florida and right away felt like she was a part of the team and felt like she belonged there. In 2017 she joined Sandalwood High School’s bowling team and felt like a family there as well. Her freshman year in high school they went undefeated through the whole season and were district and conference champions. Her sophomore year they were once again conference champions.
Now the next two years Amber will be at her local community college (Florida State Community College) obtaining her AA degree. She is a part of the Early College program Sandalwood offers. After she graduates in 2021, she is hoping to get a college scholarship to continue her bowling journey and get a degree in graphic designing and minor in sign language.
Over the years she has learned a lot about bowling and still to this day it is her passion. She even takes time out to help her own brother who also bowls. Personally, I do not know what she would do without bowling because it has become a huge part of her life.
Amber answered a few of our questions below:
My proudest moment in bowling is when I shot my 197 game I had to work very hard and concentrate. I had never focused so hard. When I saw my score at the end of the game I was beyond proud and excited. I made my whole family proud and I still try to every day when it comes to my bowling game.
My favorite bowler is Jason Belmonte. I love and admire Jason Belmonte because of how he bowls. He does not let the stress get to him and does not let one bad ball affect his whole game. I also love how he gets involved with the bowling communities around the world, for example, the game he made. He interacts with people all the time and I really admire that.
For young athletes, I would suggest they do bowling. When you join a league you become apart of a family. Everyone in the center helps and cares about you. Also, I believe you should listen to the coaches even if you think what they say is wrong. I’ve made that mistake plenty of times and once I finally listened I improved my game.

Bowl4Life is proud to announce the Eileens Bowling Buddy and Bowl4Life August Athlete of the Month.

Congratulations to Joshua Collins

Joshua Collins has been bowling competitively for 6 seasons since he was 9 years old. At 10 years of age, Joshua won the Georgia State Superlative award for throwing the highest scratch game, highest scratch series and holding the highest league average in the state of Georgia, U12 Boys Division. The following season (2015) Joshua threw the highest 1 round series of all U12 Boys in the state of Georgia during the 1st round of the state Pepsi Tournament. The following season, (2016) Joshua followed suit again by throwing the highest 1st round series in Georgia during the Pepsi Tournament, U12 Boys Division on challenging sport conditions. At the same tournament Joshua bowled a 724 three game series in the final round at Pepsi to finish 2nd place in the state. That same season Joshua's U12 USA Bowling team won the Coastal South USA Bowling Regional Tournament with Joshua at the Anchor. The second day of the tournament, Joshua bowled in 9 straight baker games without 1 single open frame from Joshua! He had a clean day. With Joshua at the helm, his team swept the bracket without losing 1 single match to win the tournament. At the USA Bowling National Tournament that season, Joshua's team went 14 and 1 to enter the bracket as the number 1 seed in the nation. Joshua's team once again rolled through the bracket at the 16 team national tournament against the other 15 USA Bowling regional championship teams. Joshua's team entered the inaugural USA Bowling National Championship TV final as the #1 seed in America. At 12 years old, Joshua bowled on CBS Sports for the National Championship, U12 Division, finishing 2nd place in the nation.

In 2017, Joshua's first year in the U15 division, Joshua yet again threw the highest scratch series in the state of Georgia during the first round of the state Pepsi Tournament. Joshua again finished 2nd overall that season at the Pepsi Tournament. In 2018 at the State Pepsi, Joshua threw the highest scratch game in the state all ages in the first round of the state Pepsi tournament advancing to the 2nd and subsequently the 3rd round of the Pepsi. In 2018, Joshua finally closed the deal by finishing 1st at the State Pepsi Tournament, U15 Boys Division. The same season at the Regional, Georgia Youth Bowlers Tour, Tournament of Champions, Joshua won scholarships for the bowling the highest scratch game and series during 1 of the 3 rounds of the 2 day tournament. Joshua entered the step ladder in the number 4 position and proceeded to walk down the entire step ladder to finish as the TOC U15B Champion the same season that he won the Pepsi State Tournament. The same season at the USA Bowing National Tournament, Joshua's U15 baker team went 13-2 at the National Qualifier to once again enter the Bracket as the #1 seed in the nation. Joshua's team finished 5 overall nationally that season. Joshua finished 61st at the Junior Gold national tournament making it to the advancers round and finishing plus for the day in a very respectable fashion. In 2018, Joshua was invited to attend the Bowling Combine at the International Training and Research Center in Arlington TX. Along with the rest of the boys and young men who were invited to the combine, Joshua was evaluated for 3 days and given a PET (Performance Evaluation Test) score ranking him along with the other 35 boys in attendance from across the United States. Joshua finish the 2018 Combine as the #1 ranked boy, with the highest PET score of all boys in attendance in the nation. Joshua received the highest spare shooting score of all boys in attendance at only 14 years old, having just finished the 9th grade which is the youngest you can even be considered for Combine selection and attendance. Joshua had the highest 10 pin conversion percentage and the highest baby split conversion percentage of all male bowlers at the combine. Joshua had the 3rd highest athleticism score of all Combine participants the majority of which were 2 to 4 years older than Joshua. Truly remarkable for a boy that young to receive such high evaluation scores. Joshua finished the 2018 season with the highest league average in Georgia, U15 Boys Division with a 215.

In the 2018-2019 season, Joshua's U15 USA Bowling Team, for the third year consecutively, won the Southeast Regional Championship by sweeping the Bracket. At the 2018 Coastal Classic, Storm Youth Championship in Myrtle Beach, Joshua threw the highest scratch 8 game series at Planet fun of all U15 Boys from approximately 20 different states including several Junior Gold Champions. Joshua won a gold medal for his series. What was equally impressive is that series was second highest series thrown at Planet fun over the entire tournament in all age divisions including U20 Boys. Joshua won a bronze medal for 3rd highest overall total pin count, all rounds combined, at the Coastal Classic SYC, U15 Boys Division. His total pin count would have placed him 5th in the U20 Boys division. This season Joshua threw a sanctioned 300 game during league and an 807 pre-bowl series. Joshua currently holds the highest season league youth average in Georgia with a 228 after 66 games. Joshua has earned his Level 1 coaching certification with the USBC. Joshua Collins is unquestionably a dominant and an accomplished youth bowler as well as an outstanding high school student. Joshua is a great ambassador for the sport of bowling.

What is your proudest moment so far in your bowling career?
Earning a Gold Medal at the Coastal Classic SYC Bowling Tournament for throwing the highest series U15B Division Planet Fun. Second highest series thrown all weekend Planet Fun all age groups.
Who is your favorite PBA or WPBA bowler of all time? Why do you look up to and/or admire this person?
Kyle Troup. I'm a 2 handed lefty and Kyle a 2 handed righty. His approach, back swing and delivery are very similar to mine. People say we bowl alike. Kyle is very good crowd pleaser and quite fun to watch. We both prefer to wear a high afro.
What advice do you have for young athletes getting started in bowling?
Learn to be the best spare shooter you can possibly be. Great spare shooting will take get you through tournaments where other bowlers fall behind in total pins. When strikes don't come; and they most certainly won't from time to time, you must be a high percentage spare shooter. Above all do well in school. When bowling won't pay the bills an education will. Not only that, without good grades what college will allow you to bowl for them?