Bowl4Life Athletes of the Month

presented by Eileen’s Bowling Buddy

June 2020

Congratulations to the Bowl4Life Eileen Bowling Buddy Athlete of the Month for June 2020!

Dawson Stewart
17 years old
Bethlehem, GA
Coach: Wes Stewart
Home Center: Bowlero Lilburn, GA

Dawson has been bowling since he was 9 years old. He's won numerous competitions including the inaugural USA Bowling championship. Aside from his athletic ability, he's an outstanding student who's kept a 4.0 throughout high school, is a National AP Scholar, volunteers, and will start at the University of Georgia this fall. A few of his bowling accomplishments include: Member of the first USA Bowling National team. 4 - 300 scores, 1 800 total score, Georgia youth Bowler of the Year 2017

Way to go Dawson. Keep up the hard work!
Good luck this fall at the University of Georgia!


May 2020

Congratulations to our May 2020 Bowl4Life Eileen's Bowling Buddy Athlete of the Month!

Megan Timm
Age: 16
Location: Flint, MI
Coach/Home Center: Rob Ploof/Richfield Bowl

Megan won the Michigan D2 Region 10 Title on Feb 29, 2020. She then followed that up the next weekend by winning the D2 State Individual title at Century Bowl in Waterford. She qualified 15th (16 make the cut), she faced off against the reigning state champion in the 1st round and won. She worked her way through the field and won the Title. She is a Junior at Kearsley High School. She has received the honors of Individual State Title, Team State title, U15 MJMA win, 1 700 series, high game of 289.

Congratulations Megan, keep up the hard work!


April 2020

Bowl4Life and Eileens Bowling Buddy would like to congratulate the April Athlete of the Month... Dana Murata!

Hometown: Kapaa, Hawaii
Current Coach: Todd Ozaki/Kauai Bowl

She is a junior at Kapaa High School and she has been bowling for 7 years. Dana became addicted to the sport of bowling since she was 9 years old. Dana has a current average of about 174 on a challenge pattern and has been learning how to coach the younger and less experienced junior bowlers in our KAUAI Junior Blazing Bowlers program here on Kauai. She is a Level 1 certified coach and is the only junior bowler in her program to do this.

She has been featured in our local magazine, Kauai Sports Magazine, 2nd issue, back in 2016 and was honored to be recently featured in our local Department of Education television show, Kauai Shining Stars, in the January 2020 episode that can be found on Vimeo. She has been mentioned in our local newspaper The Garden Island, numerous times and we are just so incredibly proud of her. Dana was the Hawaii Pepsi State Champion in the u12 girls division in 2016 and went to Junior Gold (Indianapolis) for her first time that year. Dana qualified again in 2018 and was fortunate to experience Junior Gold in Dallas, Tx. Dana has many other accomplishments and awards over the years.

One of her greatest accomplishments, that happened late last year, was when she became the Hawaii Girls State Champion for high school bowling. Dana is the first girl bowler from our island of Kauai to do this and was recognized and honored by the Kauai County Council in December 2019. What makes this so special is Dana is the first girl or boy bowler to accomplish this in her Kapaa High school’s history. The school recently made a banner to honor her success that will be placed in the school gym when school resumes after this Covid-19 crisis.

Dana has qualified for a 3rd time for this year’s Junior Gold in Las Vegas, and looks forward to making her final push to reach out to colleges and hopes to be recruited so she can fulfill her one of her goals of bowling for a NCAA girls bowling team after she graduates from high school in 2021.


March 2020

Bowl4Life is proud to announce the March 2020 Athlete of the Month.

Katie Paris
Rapid City, SD

Current GPA: 4.085
Current Coach: Ted Staikoff

A senior at Rapid City Central in South Dakota. She has a grade point average of 4.085. She has been bowling since she was eight years old. In the past two years, she began bowling competitively and she hopes to bowl in college. Her home bowling alley is Robbinsdale Entertainment Center in Rapid City, SD. In addition to bowling competitively, Katie is also one of the top girls' softball players in SD.

Katie's nomination was submitted to say the following about her: "It gives me great pleasure to nominate Katie Paris for the Bowl4Life Youth Bowler of the Month. I have worked with Katie for the past 1 1/2 years. We have a standing practice session weekly, she is willing to learn and works very hard to get better. In addition to our practice sessions, she practices 5-6 additional hours a week on her own, She bowls in a Youth League on Saturdays and competes in Youth Tournaments in Rapid City and across South Dakota."

2019 Rapid City Youth Bowler of the Year
2019 U17 Pepsi Tournament - 3rd place
2019 Howie Kolhoff All-tournament team
2019 Howie Kolhoff 3rd place team
2019 City Scratch All Events Champion
2019 City Singles Champion
2019 City Handicap All Events Champion
2019 City Handicap Singles, 2nd place

Katie's proudest moment in bowling so far:
Winning the Youth Scholarship Tournament in 2017. Also winning the Rapid City Youth Bowler of the Year in 2019.

Katie's favorite PBA/WPBA member and why?
Favorite WPBA Bowler is Liz Johnson, because of how humble she is and always sets a good example.

Katie's advice for other youth bowlers getting started?
Don't let what others think, influence your ability and passion for bowling.


February 2020

Bowl4Life is proud to announce the February 2020 Athlete of the Month.
Nathaniel Richardson
Raleigh, NC
School: Homeschooled
Expected Graduation – 2021
College Prep - GPA: 3.0
Intended College Major: Sports & Exercise Science/Sports Management
Career Aspiration: Coaching
While he has been bowling since he was 5, over the last few years I have watched his love and passion for the sport grow bigger every year. Most especially, his dedication over the last year in the face of a health challenge to his
father that was life-changing. Nate worked harder, showing us the appreciation he had for the sacrifices being made to allow him to continue to follow his dreams. He puts in hours of practice outside of leagues and formal lessons, working to fine tune not just his physical game but working on learning his arsenal and lane play skills. I am proudest of his sportsmanship. Nate is known as an encourager of all of his competitors. Nate was nominated in for the Sportsmanship Award by the parents of a competitor for how he helped and encouraged their son during the 2017 Jr Gold Championships in Cleveland. He is that same player now, the first to be there to congratulate someone on a great conversion, 300 game or win - while still working to achieve for himself. Nate has helped coach the 8for8 league for youth just learning to bowl, which further confirmed his desire to pursue Sports Management in college with a career goal of coaching. Closer to home, he is the reason his sister decided to commit and work to make our house competitive team - "I want to be like Nate." He is finishing his Junior year of high school, pushing through a diagnosed learning challenge to achieve what comes easier to many. We are so proud of the young man he is becoming and the love, passion, and dedication he gives to being the best person and bowler he can be.




Bowl4Life is proud to announce the first 2020 Athlete of the Month.

Congratulations to Harrison Martin. His nomination gave us a view of who Harrison is. Continue reading to find out all about him.

There are so many layers to him that make him such an outstanding youth athlete who is thriving in Bowling.

Harrison will be 16 in October. Harrison has attended Carmel Christian School in Charlotte NC since 1st grade and maintains an A/B average. His home center center is AMF Carolina Lanes in Matthews, NC.

When I think about what a true “outstanding athlete” is to me, I think of a person who is well versed. Someone who sets an example of commitment and drive to many things in his life that are important. This describes Harrison perfectly.

Harrison is an honest trustworthy son. He is a person of his word. Harrison is a very caring, sensitive person. Harrison is a Godly young man who makes it one of his life’s passions to study the Word. He has been involved in multiple mission trips and will go to Puerto Rico in January, 2020 to help children. He attends Christian camp every summer. When you visit his social media page his favorite scripture is proudly displayed, Nehemiah 8:10.

Harrison has been bowling for 4 years. All of his childhood he was involved and excelled at football, basketball, and baseball. At the age of 12, he started watching “youtube” videos on bowling. I noticed he was watching them constantly, studying the sport, actually learning the oil patterns. It wasn’t long before he came to me and told me he was going to be a bowler. He stopped participating in the other activities and focused all of his efforts on his bowling. He was hooked! Since then we have been practicing, participating in league, or at a tournament weekly and I love watching him love something so much.

Harrison attended the Shocker Bowling camp his summer at Wichita State University and it was one of the best bowling learning experiences for him. He regularly participates in The Tough Shots bowling tournament program and the 12-Bagger Tournaments. In the past 4 years, he has only not made match-play 1 time in both programs and finished in the top 3 almost every time. In 2019, he participated on the All-Star Bowling Team and was named Player of the Year. He has been part of the team that finished 1st at Battle of the Beach and the next year placing 2nd at that tournament. Harrison has 1 sanctioned 300 and 3 unsanctioned and countless close calls.

Watching him love the sport, watching him and feeling the passion he has for the game and the drive to be better. It is contagious and you can feel it. Harrison’s goal is to bowl in college and I have no doubt he will obtain this goal. Harrison is truly an outstanding youth Athlete in bowling and an outstanding young man. I am proud of the well rounded young man he is and I am extremely proud of his talent in bowling.

Congratulations Harrison and keep up the great work!